Once upon a time, I was an aspiring DJ — actually, I was an aspiring teenage entrepreneur who sought out a large variety of odd jobs, one of which was DJing for dances at my local middle school, Brookhaven. Since I didn’t have a very large music collection of my own — and what I had wasn’t exactly the newest, hottest material, many of the songs I played were…ahem, taped off the radio. This meant that they often ended abruptly when I stopped the recording as the announcer came in. I put the whole program on reel to reel tapes to cover up for the fact that I didn’t own a lot of the records and so I could sneak in a few dances with the girls I liked. It was a great gig.

I recently uncovered the song list from one Christmas dance, probably from around 1976, complete with tempo annotations:

Side 1.

  1. (F) Let your love go / Bread
  2. (S) With your love / Jefferson Airplane
  3. (S) (I’ve been) searchin’ so long / Chicago
  4. (F) Saturday night’s alright for fighting / Elton John
  5. (S) While my guitar gently weeps / Beatles
  6. (S) Slow dancing / Funky Kings
  7. (F) White room / Cream
  8. (S) The boxer / Simon & Garfunkel
  9. (F) A fifth of Beethoven / Murphy & the Big Apple Band
  10. (S) Nowadays Clancy can’t even sing / Buffalo Springfield
  11. (F) Love will keep us together / Captain & Tenille
  12. (S) Cage the songbird / Elton John
  13. (S) Free bird / Lynnyrd Skynnyrd
  14. (F) Silly love songs / McCartney & Wings

Side 2.

  1. (S) Colour my world / Chigago
  2. (S) Afternoon delight / Starland Vocal Band
  3. (F) Savoy truffle / Beatles
  4. (S) Blind feeling / Gary Wright
  5. (S) If / Bread
  6. (F) Crocodile rock / Elton John
  7. (S/F) Stairway to heaven / Led Zeppelin
  8. (F) 50 ways to leave your lover / Paul Simon
  9. (S) Annie’s song / John Denver
  10. (S) Sounds of silence / Simon & Garfunkle
  11. (F) Mother Freedom / Bread
  12. (S/F) Funeral for a friend / Elton John
  13. (F) Cecilia / Simon & Garfunkle
  14. (S) Colour my world / Chicago

Side 3.

  1. (S) Dreamweaver / Gary Wright
  2. (F) Boogie fever / Sylver
  3. (S) Sorry seems to be the hardest word / Elton John

$40 spending money and the opportunity to dance to Bread. What more could I ask?