I’m organizing another neighborhood party for the end of August and I’m wishing I had started sooner, but I’m sure we’ll pull it off. I organized a neighborhood party last year that everyone enjoyed. We closed off our street (it’s only 1 block long), invited the Sebastopol Community Band to play, made ice cream and had a grill going. While not everyone who said they would come actually showed up, quite a few did and those who missed said they wish they could have made it. The band won’t be there this year — our drummer resigned after our 4th of July gig and it seemed too complicated to arrange a sub — but we’ll have ice cream and BBQ again. We’re holding it the weekend before school starts and also later in the day on a Saturday — all changes which may increase attendance.

I’m also trying to arrange a neighborhood Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) presentation from our fire department. They’re encouraging all neighborhoods to arrange for presentations and our local hardware store is helping defray costs for training classes. It won’t happen this time due to scheduling problems, but they’re very interested in finding another opportunity.

I’m hoping to spur interest in neighborhood organizing among my neighbors. Besides the CERT program, I’d love to see a neighborhood watch program, discussions about traffic issues, more trading of skills and labor, and generally increase neighborhood cohesiveness. One of my neighbors have expressed interest in increasing fire safety and awareness, while another would like to gauge interest in getting people to move their cars when the street sweeper comes through (currently we don’t know the schedule and only the open spots ever get swept). I’d like to learn more neighborhood history and do some intersection repair on the T-intersection by our house — maybe a cob bench on our corner, some other street decoration, etc. (as noted in an earlier post). Lots of possibilities.