This is approximately how our cob bench will look. This mockup is pre-pickets, but shows how it will go diagonally on our corner. It will be sealed and not covered. We’ll have to watch any weathering to see how it does over the long term.

Since putting together this montage, I’ve finished this portion of the fence and inserted a temporary corner piece to match the rest of the fence. I was going to leave the corner open until we could install a cob bench. Tim Cahill’s dogs changed my mind when they ran around our yard one night during the Sonoma County Book Festival. Now his dogs won’t be back, but there are a lot of dogs around and we might not have a fence at all if it weren’t for the dogs in our garden, so I’ve installed a temporary piece that doesn’t look out of place (and can stay in place if the bench project gets delayed).

We expect to get enlist our neighbors and friends to help build the bench early in summer 2008. We’ll need to put together a good design prior to that. The bench will be part of our intersection repair project. With some persuasion, we hope that all our immediate neighbors will sign on when we expand the project to include a street mural.

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