My fence project is slowing moving toward completion. At this point, the fence is mostly done except for the gates (a big exception!). I will also need to chamfer the edges of the pickets and seal them with a soy-based wood sealer after the boards bleach a bit but before it rains too much.

I began with partially recycled materials for the posts, but figured I’d have to rely on new material for the pickets. I bought enough pickets to do a couple of bays — enough to test my curve design — and headed back to the lumber company once the pickets were in and trimmed. The lumber I needed was delayed by several weeks, but meanwhile I got turned on to a source of recycled fence boards and bought about 60 1x8s, ranging from 3-5 feet long. The out of pocket cost was considerably lower, although the time I spent preparing them added up. I removed nails, planed and ripped each into two 1×4 pickets. Not all of my fence boards made two good pickets, but many did and I installed a good portion of the pickets before making another used lumber run. I still have about 25 boards left to prepare for the gates.

I’ve got more work to do on the arbor as well that may wait until after all the gates are in. It’s a good thing I’m enjoying the process since it’s taking soooo long…