As I have noted in earlier posts, I have very few excuses to take a car to work — or even the bus — with a bike path to ride and a place to stash my bike and clothes at work. Although changing clothes and dealing with the bike certainly takes some time, the time difference for riding and driving is roughly 15 minutes, while for taking the bus, it’s roughly equal (and then I have to deal with an inconvenient schedule). I’m generally keeping my car commutes to once or maybe twice a month, rain or shine.

Some days are definitely more exciting than others, weatherwise. We had a major rain storm with heavy winds and I got quite wet, but didn’t get blown off or have any trees come down on me, though there were several that fell on the trail during the storm. I’ve also had to deal with minor flooding in a few low-lying sections. During really major storms, the Laguna de Santa Rosa floods over the bike path. Of course, the highway is also flooded at that point, so things get exciting no matter which way you go.

The City of Santa Rosa offers an incentive program for bike/walk/bus commuters, Free Ride trip reduction incentive program that offers reduced prices on monthly bus passes and a free ticket each month to the Rialto Cinemas. So far I’ve accumulated enough tickets to take a large group of friends because we so rarely go out to a movie. One of these days…