As I rode to work on the West County Trail on Monday, I passed a (presumably) homeless man on his bicycle near Dutton Ave. in Santa Rosa. Since I had a rehearsal for the Santa Rosa Junior College orchestra in the evening, I had my horn strapped to my rack. I was riding quickly because I was running late. He called to me as sped by:

man: Hey! Is that an instrument?

me: It’s a French horn.

man: A French horn? Wow! That’s really cool. Can you play it?

me: Sorry, I can’t right now.

man: I’ve always wanted to hear a French horn. Maybe when I can scrape some money together, you could play it.

me: Okay.

The exchange got me thinking about guerilla concerts and wondering what reactions a little ensemble might get from both the homeless people and the commuters. Beethoven on the bike trail, anyone?