It’s official, our citizens’ advisory group is now Bike & Walk Sebastopol. We didn’t have a lot of activity since the last meeting due to the holidays, but we now have a website, which at this point contains only a blog, but will soon have discussion forums, maps and more.  One of our first projects will be a comprehensive set of recommendations for improvements to intersections with stoplights throughout Sebastopol and the surrounding area. These recommendations will range from the relatively easy (changing light duration) to more long term (creating separated walk cycles for crosswalks to reduce danger from turning vehicles). The City of Sebastopol has promised to increase sensitivity of the magnetic sensor for the two lights they control (Jewell Ave. and Pleasant Hill at their respective Bodega Ave.  intersections)–many cyclists will appreciate those changes since bikes won’t currently trip the lights at all. [I created a preliminary Google map for this effort]

Other projects include funding for additional bike racks in town and mapping bike and pedestrian routes through town, most likely in conjunction with Sebastopol’s Safe Routes to School program.

We’re still in our organizational phase, so now that we’ve settled on a name, we will be creating bylaws, a mission statement, and the other typical organizational duties. These will also be posted on the website.