Fun with Maps Dept.: The main item of business at the Jan. 22 Sebastopol SRTS meeting was drafting a map of the proposed routes, including drop-off locations, proposed and budgeted improvements.  We have a member of the committee who is proficient with Autocad, so she’ll take our scribblings and create a printed draft for the next meeting.  Eventually, we’d love to have a nice printed map similar to the one produced by Santa Rosa Dept. of Parks & Rec. showing the routes, schools, parks and other useful items.

I put in a plug for my pet project — a T-intersection at Willow St. and Jewell Ave. , with a small expansion for the corner of Ives Park. I’ve noted it in one of my creek daylighting posts, but here is another reason to improve the intersection.

The planned improvements for various intersections in town — bulb-outs, lights and flashing crosswalks — will make a number of the routes possible. Currently, there are several places that simply aren’t safe for kids to travel alone or even with adults due to missing sections of sidewalks (such as this spot on Bodega Ave. just east of Pleasant Hill St.) or lack of a crossing light combined with no sidewalk (a short distance west on Bodega at Ragle Rd.). We are fortunate that money was already committed to some of these projects before the economy tanked. We may be waiting a while for the rest to happen.