I will be leading the next Sebastopol Walks! event, a Grand Walkabout of Sebastopol. The public is invited to join in the sixth of a series of walks in and around Sebastopol. For this walk, we’ll take a circular walk around Sebastopol, hitting highlights such as the new skate park and garden, Laguna Park, West County Trail, Ragle Ranch and the Burbank
Experiment Farm. Come and discover a Sebastopol that you may not know, get some exercise, meet new people, and leave your car behind.

Meet at the town plaza at 9 a.m.  Wear comfortable shoes, and bring a hat, water, sunscreen and lunch or a snack. We’ll walk 7 miles or more and walkers are welcomed to leave the walk at any time for a shorter distance.

The walks are based on the booklet “Sebastopol Walks”, and can be purchased on the walk, at City Hall or the Chamber of Commerce for $3.00.

Questions? Contact me for more information.
Contact for Sebastopol Walks series: Richard Nichols, 823-4071