Though Howarth Park in Santa Rosa is definitely not west of the Laguna, a friend of mine is leading an oak walk on June 27th:

Please join Oaktopia and TreeGirl Studios in celebration of all things oak at Howarth Park, Santa Rosa at 3pm, Saturday, June 27 We will be viewing, learning about, and learning from oaks: young and old, native and introduced.

Your tour guide will be master arborist, horticulturist and ecologist Dave Muffly from Sebastopol.

  • Lovers of native oaks will appreciate seeing the variety of a rare native hybrid oak that grows abundantly in the park, along with other native oaks.
  • Home owners with large oaks will appreciate learning about how to keep their trees in good health and long life at a reasonable cost.
  • Lovers of tree crops will enjoy learning about introduced and bred oaks that produce consistent, low tannin acorn crops in California.
  • Kids will be happy to find the best climbing oaks and see young acorns growing on a variety of oaks.
  • Lovers of shady cities will appreciate fast growing, strong, long-lived, drought, pest and pollution-tolerant oaks.
  • Arborists will learn about mitigation treatments for oaks impacted by years of heavy foot traffic, and how healthy trees sustain a healthy business.
  • Pagans will enjoy learning more deeply about the cycles and lives of beings near the core of their beliefs.
  • Everyone will get a taste of the genetic diversity that has allowed oaks to thrive, along with humans, during the extreme ice age cycles.

Bring your curiosity.

Meet at the south side of the tennis courts at Howarth Park, just off Summerfield Road in Santa Rosa.

Howarth Park [map]
630 Summerfield Rd
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
(707) 889-7165

For more information, please contact:

Dave Muffly
ISA Board-Certified Master Arborist