My friend Sarah Hadler recently wrote a sweet piece for the North Bay Bohemian ‘s Open Mic column. She is one my fellow Rodota Trail commuters, although traveling in the opposite direction each day, from Santa Rosa to Sebastopol. She writes of the joy of four smiles per mile; her wide smile and cheery hello is always a high point for me when our commutes coincide.

Up Cycle

Or, Twenty-Six reasons to ride your bike

By Sarah Hadler

The other morning on the way to work, my bike and I got four smiles per mile. My commute is about six and a half miles, so that’s 26 smiles total, not to mention all the waves and “good mornings.” That lovely human interaction is one of the many reasons why I faithfully ride my bicycle to work every day. It doesn’t hurt that my commute is mostly on the Joe Rodota Bike Trail that connects Santa Rosa and Sebastopol. I bike down this path rain or shine, winter and spring, summer and fall [read the rest of the story]