This morning as I rode in to work, I almost rode past a couple of bottles’ worth of broken glass along Prince Memorial Greenway, but instead stopped to sweep as much as I could off the trail. Another commuter came along while I was clearing it off and stopped to help. With luck, we got the trail clean enough that no one will get a flat.

Tom, one of my fellow commuters from Sebastopol, carries a small broom for this purpose. I’m sure he’s saved me from many flats — he’s always great about warning everyone about the day’s hazards.  I think I’ll start carrying a broom as well since cycling shoes are a less-than-wonderful substitute.

A small group of women have been scouring the eastern end of the Rodota Trail every few weeks with trash bags in hand. I’ve now met them several times and though the trash returns quickly, I’m grateful for their efforts and admire their commitment.

I’m also grateful to the volunteers who paint over the ubiquitous graffiti on the Prince Memorial Greenway. They are usually on it within hours.

Finally, I’m grateful to Regional Parks for all the cleanup work they do, including weed control. While I’m not generally a fan of herbicides, I”m happy to have the goatheads controlled in any way possible. Some of last year’s seeds were apparently scattered across the Rodota Trail between Stony Point Road and Dutton Ave. in mid-July, leading to flats for quite a few people, including my son and myself. There would be many, many more of the horrible thorns around that area were it not for the efforts of Regional Parks