Sebastopol’s largely ignored, engineered and neglected creeks got a boost at the beginning of July with the launch of an as-yet-unnamed friends group. We’d sporadically kicked around ideas over the past year, but hadn’t managed to meet until now. The gathering drew a side variety of interested folks, from creek neighbors to hydrologists to City Council members.

Calder Creek is our first concern since it is the largest creek in town and is actually above ground (albeit in a concrete ditch) through Sebastopol’s Ives Park. Much of the undergrounded portions run below City-owned parking lots and could potentially be daylighted. The outlook for Zimpher Creek, the other main creek, is much less hopeful, since so it is completely undergrounded through the center of town.

One of our first acts was a tour of Calder’s lower reach from the Laguna up to Jewell Ave. at the beginning of August. We spent most of our time looking at the portions close to the Laguna – where there is still a nice meander — and Ives Park. We’ll explore the upper reach at a future meeting.

There’s a lot of good energy in the group, as well as a diverse set of skills that should help get efforts going.