From Richard Nichols:

The public is invited to join the 9th in a series of walks in and about Sebastopol.  Meet hike leaders Mayor Sarah Gurney and Richard Nichols at the Plaza at 9 AM for the longer 5 mile walk through neighborhoods to Ragle Ranch Park. Or, join us at the Ragle Peace Garden at 10 AM for the shorter walk on the loop trail in the bottomland along Atascadero Creek. Estimated round trip back to the Plaza is three hours. Wear comfortable shoes for trail walking; bring water, a snack, and a hat.

PS: Don’t miss the Celtic Music Festival which runs the 26th and 27th at the Community Center. We will be done in time to see the Saturday music. Especially interesting is Baka Beyond, fusing African (Baka people) rhythms with Celtic. It is a high energy and wonderful sound.