Some months ago, construction  began on widening and reconstruction for the Stony Point Road Phase I project,  from Hwy 12 south past Sebastopol Road. The work on the $3 million project funded by stimulus money just reached the western side of the the Joe Rodota Trail crossing recently. I hadn’t looked the plans for the improvements and although I hoped that they included changes to the Joe Rodota Trail crossing — the most dangerous intersection on my commute due to the onramp to eastbound Hwy 12 — I wasn’t holding my breath. I was immensely pleased to see a new ramp being installed that will take trail users directly across the intersection at a relocated traffic lot instead of the present awkward and dangerous dogleg crossing. This was one of the key improvements cited by many participants in the Sonoma County Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan public meetings. Hooray!
November 16 update: Unfortunately, the ramps were being installed only for emergency/official vehicle access and no changes to the crossing are included in the project. For the foreseeable future, this intersection will remain one of the most dangerous on the route.