The Gold Ridge Post of the VFW marched, the Sebastopol Community Band played, and the flags lining the lanes of the Sebastopol Memorial Lawn waved in the slight breeze. Though the PA system didn’t make it to the event and some of the speakers spoke too quietly to be heard by the audience, the 63rd annual Memorial Day ceremony at the Sebastopol Memorial Lawn was as solemn and touching as always. The only other real glitch happened at the beginning of the ceremony when the post commander forgot to cue the national anthem, but everything else went more or less as planned.

Following the ceremony, we struck up the band for m0re music, ranging from the traditional marches and music of the armed forces to the decidedly untraditional, but clearly enjoyed renditions of Rock around the Clock and the Beach Boys’ California Girls.

The band will next play at the Sebastopol Plaza for the July 4th bell ringing.