The Sebastopol Creek Stewards presented a plan for restoring Calder Creek in Ives Park  for the Sebastopol Planning Commission’s consideration in early June.  The City has a sum of money (admittedly small) to go toward Ives Park improvements. We urged the Commission to recommend a master plan and we made suggestions for short term (and inexpensive) fixes, as well as long term (and more expensive) changes.

For the short term, we proposed opening gates or even removing the fence around the central segment of Calder, where until recently, a duck pond was established each summer.  This would allow public access and connections to a creek that has long been behind bars, as it were. Longer term, we proposed that much of Calder could be restored to a more natural profile as it flows through the park

Peter Schurch, a Stewards member (and member of the City’s Design Review Board) reported that at their July 13th meeting, the Planning Commission voted on their highest priority for inexpensive fixes to the Park. These will go to the City Council on August 3rd for discussion. Although there was a brief discussion about extending the project area to include the area between the park and the Joe Rodota Trail, it will be limited to the park for now and most of the money will likely go for a Park Master Plan.

The top four low cost fixes were:

  • Remove the fence around the meadow====5 points
  • Relocate dumpsters===4 points
  • Improve the Ball Field fence===4 points
  • Remove the dam boards====3 points

Other items got 2 points or less

Schurch noted that there was some discussion about making the meadow part of the City’s Adopt of Landscape program. If the City allows the fence removal, that would be a natural next step for the Sebastopol Creek Stewards.

We are very pleased to see Commission’s interest in improving the park and Calder Creek!