At their Aug. 3rd meeting, the Sebastopol City Council asked for more information on insurance coverage and other matters regarding the Sebastopol Creek Stewards’ proposed changes at Ives Park. City staff were nervous about liability if the chain link fence around Calder Creek were removed — as the Planning Commission recommended — or even if the gates were opened on a trial basis — as the Stewards proposed. There was a great deal of interest in making some short term, inexpensive changes on the part of the Council, as well as a longer term, broader changes with a master plan. The Stewards held out the promise of a private grant to fund the short term changes and they were interested in that, too. Nonetheless, the Council thought it best not to move too rapidly and asked staff to come back in two months with details from the City’s insurance carrier.

Even though we’re eager to move forward, we can afford to wait a little longer, especially since summer and the time for playing in the creek is drawing to a close for this year. We do get at least one change immediately — the Council asked that the weir boards be removed immediately — so that the natural summer water level of Calder would be visible when the insurance rep visited.