A recent post on TreeHugger captured my feelings about why I bike. Warren McLaren wrote:

Do you remember receiving your first bicycle as a child? A seminal moment for many of us. It punctuates that time in our lives when we were enveloped by a sense of unbridled freedom. We were no longer dependent on our parents to shuttle us around the place. We weren’t constrained by bus or train timetables. We could cover long distances faster and more easily than walking. Exciting new vistas and opportunities suddenly opened up before us. We knew instinctively that a bicycle was our ticket to freedom… [Read more]

I have had to drive far too many days over the past two months and I really miss being on my bike. That means sitting in congestion as I come home instead of watching it from afar as I sail by on the bike path. That means missing out on gorgeous late summer/early fall days. That means no break between my day job and everything I need to do at home. As our construction project winds down, I look forward to getting in the saddle again.