With the new year, we have a new Sebastopol Walks (AKA iWalk Sebstopol) calendar and a new spot on the revamped City of Sebastopol website. This year, I’ll be leading a new walk, ” A People’s History Walk”  (Saturday, May 28), highlighting local social history and likely co-leading another new walk, “The ‘Odd’ Walk” (Saturday, Oct. 29), featuring odd, quirky and unique spots in town ). My other two walks, co-led by Joan Schwan, are encores from last year: “A Watershed Walk” (Saturday, Feb. 26), which tours the City’s two creeks; and “A Tree Walk” (Saturday, Aug. 27) which visits heritage and unusual trees throughout the City. With all the other new walks and old favorites, 2011 should be good year for walking Sebastopol.