Click to view full size image -- Kunde vineyards, Kenwood, Calif., 1980

Kunde Estate vineyards -- image courtesy of Sonoma County Library

I’ve started still another WP blog — this one chronicling (unofficially)  the Sonoma County Library’s digital library project — which I manage. While I’ve been working on cataloging and managing our collection of digitized historical photographs since shortly after I started at the SCL in 2007, this project is much broader. As we develop the “digital branch” (as yet unnamed), we will eventually incorporate a variety of materials, including:

  • Our historical photo collection
  • Digitized public domain books in the Sonoma County Wine Library
  • Digitized oral history transcripts and tapes
  • Digitized wine labels in the Wine Library collections
  • Finding aids for materials in the Sonoma County Archives and in our own collections

We may partner with other Sonoma County heritage organizations to display some of their digitized materials, too. It’s the start of something big…