Cork Oak (Quercus suber), Villelongue dels Mon...

Cork oak leaves (Image via Wikipedia)

The public is invited to join Sebastopol Walks for a fourth year of walks in and about Sebastopol. Come and discover a Sebastopol that you may not know, get some exercise, and leave your car behind.

Meet at the town plaza at 9 a.m. to join this walk that visits a number of heritage, historic and unusual trees within the City of Sebastopol. From the largest cork oak in town to Canary Island palms that reflect a Victorian mania, and from monkey-puzzle trees to valley oaks, the route provides a chance to see both naturally occurring and landscape/street trees in an urban setting. Led by Geoffrey Skinner and biologist Joan Schwan.

The walk is about 4 miles, mostly on sidewalks and paved trails. Wear comfortable shoes, a hat, and bring water, sunscreen and a snack.

The walks are based on the book “Sebastopol Walks,” which can be purchased on the walk, at City Hall or the Chamber of Commerce for $3.00.

For more information contact Richard Nichols at