English: Sonoma County Transit sign. Taken on ...

I am working on a small shed with my son and we took a trip recently to Daniel O. Davis  in south Santa Rosa to hunt for salvaged lumber.  January is unfortunately not a good time for hunting and the selection was disappointingly small…unless we’d been in the market for big glue-lam beams. While were staring at a couple of old windows small, another customer tipped us off to better hunting grounds at Windsor’s Industrial Reusable Materials.  What a great tip! We soon found ourselves in hog heaven and one of the workers commented that during demolition season, the selection is much, much better. We drove out of their yard a few hours later with a full pickup load of various pieces of lumber, a couple of windows and an old Sonoma County Transit bus stop sign (my son says he has plans for it) — all for the price of the sheets of plywood that we would have picked up at Friedman’s or Home Depot.

I wish I’d known about IRM when we were rebuilding our porch a couple of years ago. I’d hoped to use mostly recycled materials at the time, but finding the right materials in a timely fashion proved too difficult. The selections at Daniel O. Davis and at the lumber recycling facility on Mecham Road in Petaluma were poor. We ended up with a high percentage of new lumber.  We’ll be going back.