Poster issued by the Metropolitan Police in 18...

Poster issued by the London, Eng. Metropolitan Police in 1868

I love our new Street Smart pedestrian crossings and I think it’s great that our very first Sebastopol Walks event of the year is a tour of all the improved intersections. One of the hopes for the project was that drivers would slow down as they came through town. City Council member Sarah Gurney reported that she now sees more pedestrians on South Main, which has often been pretty much pedestrian-free. That said, I do wonder if we are now training drivers on the main streets to stop only for the flashing lights. I don’t have any real data to back that up–only my experience–but I’ve waited at couple of the non-improved intersections as car after car goes across the crosswalk. I’ve also waited at the one intersection that doesn’t have in-pavement flashers (at Calder and South Main Street, which was the first one improved). I’d hate to think that our improvements might have made other intersections in town more hazardous!