A repost about my work at the Sonoma County Library from the Library’s blog:

We love to collect and share the stories of Sonoma County through our thousands and thousands of old photographs, maps, postcards, and other treasures of Sonoma County’s past. Now, highlights of these collections are just a mouse click away with our newest digital projects:

From the photo archives
Sonoma Heritage Collections – flip through albums of photographs and maps from our Local History collections, historical materials from our Wine Library, and photos from the Sonoma County Archives and the Sonoma County Fair.

From the photo archives

Sonoma County Local History – our newest blog features highlights from our photo collections, with historical notes.

Browse through history from the early days of the wine industry, to early film shoots in the county, to architectural gems that still stand.  Share your story, too!  Let us know if you have the inside scoop on these mystery photos.

I’ve spent much of the past year working on these projects to showcase the   many interesting and rare items in the Sonoma County Library’s special collections. Over the coming year, we’ll be adding much more, from videos of the Sonoma County Fair’s early days to digitized transcripts of winemaker oral histories, paired with the original recordings.

If you’re curious about the details, you can check out my development blog.