Sonoma State University

Sonoma State University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


January Community Meetings



Many people attended the joint Planning Commission and City Council Meeting November 27, 2012 where Sonoma State University students presented the results of two community surveys and a land use inventory they conducted as part of their senior project. While the student project is not an official General Plan Update, the information the students are gathering will be useful to any future committee tasked with creating Sebastopol’s next General Plan.



The second stage of the SSU project involves significant community input.  In fact, seven meetings have already been scheduled from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial Building (282 S. High St.). The purpose is to learn more about the concerns and priorities of Sebastopol residents in the following topic areas:



  • Environmental Sustainability: Monday, January 7th
  • Economic Vitality: Thursday, January 10th
  • Community Health: Monday, January 14th
  • Housing: Thursday, January 17th
  • Conservation: Thursday, January 24th
  • Parks & Open Space: Monday, January 28th
  • Community Identity: Thursday, January 31st



Three other topics have yet to be scheduled: Land Use, Safety, and Circulation (Traffic).



The format for the meetings will be a fast-paced brainstorming session. Consistent with qualitative research, the goal is to collect as many ideas/issues as possible from all persons in attendance. Then attendees will use a democratic process to prioritize the results.



There will not be any discussion of the relative merits of the ideas/issues. The priorities will simply be identified and then the SSU students will select a few of the issues from across all the meetings to serve as the focus of a half day Community Workshop to be held February 23, 2013. The identified priorities will also likely inform the student’s Policy Report to be delivered to the City Council on April 23, 2013.



The prioritized findings from each of the 10 community meetings will be posted in the General Plan Update section of the city website. In addition, they will be available for any future groups to reference at such time that Sebastopol engages in the formal update of its General Plan.



To learn more about the Community Meetings, or to be added to the email list for updates concerning the SSU project and the eventual General Plan Update, call the Planning Department Monday through Thursday at (707) 823-6167, or email