Bunya Bunya at Sebastopol Ave. and Morris Street (photo by Peter Schurch)

The threatened landmark Bunya Bunya tree (Araucaria bidwillii) at the corner of Sebastopol Avenue and Morris Street won a temporary reprieve when the developer of the Barlow project, Barney Aldridge, asked the Design Review/Tree Board’s to continue his removal request until a later meeting. At issue are an ADA-compliant sidewalk and cross walk ramps at the corner because the width of space between the curb and roots of the 100-year-old tree, which rise toward the crown is too narrow without cutting into the roots — which would likely be a fatal injury. Concerned residents have bombarded City staff with emails and calls protesting the request and suggesting alternatives, including taking the sidewalk around the north side of the tree or a slightly raised walkway over the roots. Staff reported that in asking for a continuation, Aldridge will be looking into alternatives.