If you’ve been following The Core Project, you probably already know that we applied for, and secured, an SDAT (Sustainable Design Assessment Team) grant for our community from the AIA (American Institute of Architects).  If this is news to you, you can find complete details here.  Read on for an update.What’s happened so far:

1) The preliminary team made its visit to Sebastopol, toured our town, and met with several groups including City Council members and community organizations.

2) The full team of volunteer professionals has been selected.  We’ll share their bios with you soon.

3) Dates and location have been set for the SDAT visit.

          May 15-17, 2013
Community Church of Sebastopol
          1000 Gravenstein Highway North
SebastopolWhat’s next:

1) Come and participate. Your input is vital. All events take place at the Community Church of Sebastopol.
Wednesday May 15
Afternoon:  Community Workshops
Evening:  Town Hall

Thursday, May 16
Work day for the team (no public events)

Friday, May 17
Evening: Presentation of Findings to Community

2) Contribute $$
The community must help. We need to raise a minimum of $2,500. The AIA is donating $15,000 for expenses. Team members donate $300,00 of professional services for free.  Let’s do our part!

The Core Project secured the SDAT grant for the community and is managing the project. Any donations collected beyond what is needed for the SDAT will be used to fund The Core Project events and activities or will go toward implementation of SDAT recommendations.
The Core Project is NOT a 501(c)(3) organization.

Make a donation via PayPal here.

If paying by check, make your check out to The Core Project and indicate SDAT in the memo section.
Mail to:
The Core Project
c/o 108 Art + Design
108 Petaluma Ave.
Sebastopol, CA 95472

3) Contribute talent
Can you draw by hand?  Do you have Adobe Illustrator skills (and ideally a copy of Illustrator on your laptop)? Are you a wiz at basic spreadsheet analysis? Can you take photos, do traffic counts and be willing and able to generally run around gathering information? If so, we need your time and talent on May 16 and 17 as the team formulates their ideas and puts the presentation together. Volunteers do not need to be available all day both days.  We’re grateful for whatever time you can contribute.  Email us at info@the-core-project.org for more information.

4) See the SebastopolConnect website for more information.

5) Spread the word. You’ll find a handy “forward to a friend” link and buttons to share on Facebook,Twitter, and Digg below.

6) Stay tuned for more updates.

The Core Project SebastopolConnect SDAT Steering Committee:
Paul Fritz, Chairman
Lars Langberg
Amy Bush
Cary Bush
Mitch Conner
Lynn Deedler
Tina Grob
Sarah Gurney
Holly Hansen
Charles Marr
Eric Spillman