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Two books from my library

I might have chosen any number of professions, but there were early indications that I might enter the library world. The Dewey Decimal labels that I applied to my personal collection of 400+ books at age 10 or 11 is Exhibit #1. I don’t remember putting the labels on, but here are two examples that I came across recently. I must have spent a fair amount of time looking the Dewey classification schedules or browsing the shelves at the Sebastopol Public Library. The numbers on the two books pictured are correct.

I also glued checkout slips (for stamping the date) inside the front cover, made book jackets for fragile books (such as the 1895 Grimm’s collection) and created borrowing cards for my friends, though I don’t believe I ever wanted any of them to actually check out a book from me.


Dewey label view

Dewey label view