Old building in Hessel adjacent to the old P&SRR right-of-way

Old building in Hessel adjacent to the old P&SR RR right-of-way

Great news from Sonoma County Regional Parks — Caltrans just announced that they’ve awarded a $209K Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant for FY 2015/2016 for the Petaluma-Sebastopol Trail. This 13 mile long multi-use trail would link the two communities along the route of the old Petaluma-Santa Rosa Railroad right-of-way. This is the third year we applied — last year we were competing against ourselves with a simultaneous application for a planning grant for the Sonoma Valley Trail feasibility study (awarded) — but without that competition in our own region and a huge amount of support from all quarters, this time was the charm.

The notification is preliminary and Caltrans will send out official award letters in April detailing the conditions of grant acceptance.