IMG_2292Continuation of Discussion and Action for Approval of Laguna Wetlands Preserve Management Plan is  # 6 on the City Council agenda tomorrow night, 12/15/15, at the Youth Annex/Teen Center, 425 Morris Street. Approximate time is likely to be around 7:30. though possibly closer to 7 pm.
Sebastopol environmental consulting firm Prunuske-Chatham, in association with the Laguna Foundaion, developed the Plan over this past year, supplementing the earlier Laguna Preserve Master Plan.
The consultants have held several public workshops to collect input in the Preserve and if you have any thoughts or concerns, I encourage you to attend tomorrow night regardless of whether or not you’ve had time to fully review the draft document, which is available at A number of people have submitted comments in writing and consultants have responded to both the written and oral meeting comments; these are available at
The discussion tomorrow night will most likely revolve around the intent and use of the Preserve and how to strike a balance between the human recreational use and the wildlife and habitat value of the properties.  From the City’s perspective, the intent of the Plan is to protect the integrity of the Laguna Preserve and to promote the protection and restoration of its natural environment, with human recreation a secondary purpose. The conservation easements over the some parts of the Preserve also legally reinforce this position.
The Plan includes several trail improvements and connections to create a loop out of a current dead-end, create a new connection to the Joe Rodota trail to improve recreation, and add benches, garbage cans, etc.