[Press Democrat, Centennial Edition, Santa Rosa, California, October, 1956, p. 15]

Service Started in 1904

Sebastopol  — Public transportation in Sebastopol in 1956 consists of taxi service within the city and inter-city Greyhound bus service, but there was a time when residents could travel to both Santa Rosa and Petaluma, every hour on the hour, daily, by way of the Petaluma and Santa Rosa railroad.

Last P&SR car through Sebastopol in 1931

The first passenger service by electric rail was started in October, 1904, to Petaluma and the following year to Santa Rosa.

This service extended to Green Valley district first, and then to Forestville.

Students Used Them

After the damage caused to the rails during the 1906 earthquake, some of the service was halted temporarily, later passenger service succumbed to the lure of automobiles and the electric ars were used less and less.

Analy High School out of town students used them until in 1932 the railroad abandoned the passenger service. The PSR still operates a freight line but electric locomotives have been replaced by diesel engines.

It is believed that Sebastopol is the only town which boasts a freight rail line extending from one end of its main street to the other; a doubtful asset in the eyes of many, but since the railroad still has some years of its 99-year lease to go, it will probably hold the record for some time.